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example of forensic accounting

“Then we have to deduct any variable expenses, such as cost of goods sold (COGS), commissions, bad debt, potential payroll, or salvage credit,” These are expenses that vary with sales. Forensic accountants also test the veracity of the records they are asked to examine. In the case of accounts receivables, this might mean tracking down a specific purchase, finding the transaction in a POS system, or even calling a customer to confirm the purchase.

He had also put personal expenses on company credit cards and paid personal bills with company checks. They may also be called upon to investigate disputes related to intellectual property, bankruptcy, or insurance claims. The primary objective of an audit is to provide an opinion on the financial statements, highlighting any material misstatements or weaknesses in internal controls. These people have special skills in accounting and investigation and independence from all parties so that the report will be more reliable and have no objection from all the parties. In general, Forensic Accountants are required to have knowledge and experience in accounting and investigation skills. Also, knowledge in those related industries is important to perform its work efficiently and effectively.

Expert Witness Testimony

As mentioned before, forensic accounting is a type of accounting that uses investigation techniques to uncover financial crimes. Forensic accounting uses more than just investigation techniques to uncover financial crimes. It also uses a number of accounting skills such as auditing to discover if a financial crime has been committed. Forensic accountants use these skills to conduct an accounting analysis of an individual or business. The information obtained from these investigations must be suitable to use in legal proceedings.


Professionals in this field have a number of tools that they can use in their investigations. These include tools such as regression analysis, present value and discount rates, professional skepticism and judgment, and accounting knowledge and expertise. If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced forensic accounting firm to help with your case, then look no further.

Forensic Accounting Procedures for Fraud Related to Purchasing

It also details various offices held by those in the forensic accounting field. As you can see, the work of a forensic accountant is not limited to fraud investigation alone. Regardless of the type of service, a forensic accountant must be familiar with jurisdictional laws, the court system, and the process of gathering, analyzing, and preserving evidence. They must also be adept at communicating the results of complex analyses in a simple, understandable, and meaningful way.

That professional may audit the organization’s bank records, analyze past deposits and transactions, and discover that the business actually earned more than it claimed on its tax filings. The professional can then organize that information for use in legal proceedings. Forensic accountants use accounting, auditing, and investigative techniques to examine an individual’s or organization’s finances. Then they analyze and organize these findings for legal cases involving crimes like fraud and embezzlement.

Tips On How To Protect Your Firm From Fraud & Internet Theft

Our experienced professionals are here to provide you with the resources and support you need. In some cases, a forensic accountant may be hired to help resolve a financial dispute between two or more parties. Forensic accountants are trained to assist in situations where there is disagreement about who is owed what, who is responsible for which debts, and similar issues. https://www.bookstime.com/ Forensic accountants typically work in a variety of settings, including law firms, accounting firms, government agencies, and corporations. They often work with law enforcement agencies or attorneys and may be called upon to provide expert testimony in court. As we know, the auditor tests the accounting records against accounting standards like US GAAP or IFRS.

example of forensic accounting

Ultimately, very detailed “bulls-eye” information is reviewed if the facts of the case warrant such. The advantage of this technique is that counsel is obtaining periodic feedback and counsel and the client can make timely decisions based on the cost/benefit to the case. A forensic accountant can help identify and locate the information you need to build or bolster your case.

#3. Dispute Resolution

If you think the forensic accountant path is right for you, what type of salary might you expect to earn? The latest Robert Half Salary Guide for the accounting and finance profession reports that $98,250 is the projected midpoint salary for this corporate accounting role in 2022. While I worked for the FBI, for example, I handled cases involving drug dealers, organized crime, terrorists and Wall Street professionals. Averting disaster is probably the more compelling argument for investigative accounting, but the practice also plays a significant role in identifying diamonds in the rough. While income statements and balance sheets are integral to contextualizing reported revenue and asset pricing, a company may present them in ways that don’t reflect the company’s true value. Investigative accountants, however, have the skills to bring that to light.

  • In more blunt terms, forensic accountants provide peace of mind to the entities involved in M&As so they don’t experience any “surprises” after the deal closes.
  • Forensic accounting is a type of accounting that investigates financial information for potential evidence of crimes.
  • Forensic accountants dig through accounting data to seek out evidence of financial fraud.
  • Forensic accounting is a type of accounting that “follows the money” and analyzes financial information to look for evidence of potential financial misconduct.
  • Such crimes may include employee theft, securities fraud, falsification of financial statement information, identity theft, or insurance fraud.
  • While it may seem straightforward to calculate the value of stolen property, there are many variables that forensic accountants consider in order to reach a fair valuation.
  • Whether the investigation is for due diligence or compliance, a forensic accountant typically begins by studying the business’s balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.
  • While I worked for the FBI, for example, I handled cases involving drug dealers, organized crime, terrorists and Wall Street professionals.

Forensic accountants often review accounting systems and practices related to criminal and legal investigations. Forensic accounting can be a rewarding field for accounting professionals with analytical and investigative skills. example of forensic accounting The term “forensic” is derived from the Latin word forensis, which means “of or pertaining to the public forum”. Today, the word forensic is an adjective meaning “suitable for use in a court of law or public debate”.

How to Get Into Forensic Accounting

Their responsibility is not to investigate and quantify the Fraud that happens in the company, and also, the evidence found by the auditor might not be used by the court. Forensic accounting is essential not only because they have a special skill and are trained in the investigation and expertise in accounting records but also because the evidence found plays a significant role in judicial decision-making. This job is quite different from the auditor and can not substitute by them. Forensic accountants can work in a variety of sectors, whether in public practice or for insurance companies, banks, police forces, or government agencies, Schachter says. Forensic accountants analyze, interpret, and summarize complex financial data. They compile financial evidence, develop computer applications to manage the information collected, and communicate their findings in the form of reports or presentations.

example of forensic accounting

There have been many high-profile divorce cases over the years involving individuals with a high net worth. Disputes over a person’s net worth are often resolved by forensic accounting, as was the case when Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles and his wife Heather Mills underwent a divorce. The net worth reported by McCartney was disputed by the other party, and the issue needed to be resolved in order to determine the payments made as a result of the divorce. Forensic accounting work was likely undertaken by the law firms representing both parties and perhaps also by the court itself, independent of the parties.

Proving Rescission Damages under the Provincial Franchise Acts

The court may ask them to present their evidence or findings using visual aids. The term ‘forensic‘ refers to the application of professional, technical, or scientific knowledge for criminal investigations. It also includes the application of such knowledge for legal proceedings. While it may seem straightforward to calculate the value of stolen property, there are many variables that forensic accountants consider in order to reach a fair valuation.

What are the three main areas of forensic accounting?

The three aspects of forensic accounting are litigation support, investigation and dispute resolution. Litigation support is when the forensic accountant provides financial evidence to quantify the damage suffered by parties involved in a legal dispute.

Individuals practicing fraud and forensics accounting should have quality analytical skills and knowledge (Manning, 2010). They enable accountants to evaluate information from different perspectives to avoid biases that may lead to wrong judgment. Currently, fraud and forensic accounting are playing a pivotal role in discouraging organizations and individuals from engaging in financial irregularities (Manning, 2010). Examples of financial irregularities include misrepresentation of annual reports, manipulation of financial statements and reports, and misrepresentation of profit margins.

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