Women's health is not just about getting the annual pap. It's more wholistic. It's about what we put in our bodies on a daily basis. It's what we put on our skin every morning and night. It's the community, energy, and content we consume all the time. That is why I make sure to surround myself with the best. Here are my favorites:




For high quality supplements, especially women's probiotics for improved vaginal PH


An exceptional woman's vitamin brand with the best selection process for its ingredients

In the groove


For clean coconut oil and water based lubricant!

Cannapy Health

My favorite CBD products: use "gilberg1" for a 5% discount!


For the highest quality Ayurvedic herbs online- organic, well researched and vetted

A course for all you need to know about a healthy, inspired pregnancy, chidbirth, and early motherhood.


I Love

Is a unique physical and online space that provides safe, evidence based and profoundly empowering resources for everything from period education to parenting to events to classes and professional services.

Is a beautiful studio for yoga, meditation, childbirth, postpartum and parenting instruction. Join me there for Menopause Bootcamp and watch for more upcoming programming.

Is my office outside the office. I spend most Fridays here because it’s where I can think, get creative , chill, network, take meetings in a super supportive, stylish and well appointed women centered shared workspace. Keep your eyes open for upcoming events and content that I am hosting at the WeHo location and possibly elsewhere!

One of my favorite online platforms designed for and by women “of a certain age” – beauty, design, wellness, lifestyle!


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